Green Garlic & Potato Soup

Makes 4-6 servings

1 tablespoon butter
3 stalks green garlic, sliced
½ cup white onion, sliced thin
3 tablespoons garlic minced
1 large russet potato, peeled and cut into ¼” chunks
1 ½ cups water
¾ cup heavy cream

-Using a taller, narrow pot, melt the butter over a medium flame. Add the onions and cook until the ingredients wilt, do not brown.
-Add the potato, green garlic and water and bring to a simmer.
-Simmer until the potatoes are tender. Puree in a blender or food processor until smooth. The soup may be strained for a silkier texture. Return the pureed soup back to the pot (rinsed out) and add the cream. Simmer for 5 minutes. The soup may be served as is, or it can be refrigerated for up to 1 week.

This soup is nice to make in larger batches to have on hand for a quick meal. Make a little more than you think you need. If need be the soup freezes well also.

Blackberry Ginger and Lime Cobbler with Candied Oat Crust and Vanilla Ice Cream

Blackberry Mixture-
3 cups blackberries
1T ginger, peeled and minced
¼ cup sugar
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
1 T cornstarch
-toss all ingredients together, let sit for 30 minutes

Oat Topping-
2 oz butter, cubed
½ cup brown sugar
¼ cup oats
¼ cup flour
-cut the sugar and butter together until large crumbs form
-mix in the flour and oats until just combined

To finish the cobblers-
-place one even layer of the strawberry minute into the bottom of a baking dish
-cover completely with the oat topping, sprinkle with a little more granulated sugar and bake at 400 until the berries are bubbling and the crust is light golden brown


2 eggs
3 oz milk
S & P
6 oz flour

-whisk together the eggs, milk and salt and pepper
-stir in the flour and combine well, let the dough sit for 10 minutes before cooking
-to cook, smear the dough through a perforated pan into boiling, salted water and cook for about one minute, shock in ice water