Erik Johansen, Chef/Owner of the Iron Forge Inn with over 20 years of restaurant experience, teaching and consulting, is a graduate of the 
Culinary Institute of America.

"Some of my earliest food memories as a child are of picking peas and other vegetables in the garden with my family. That first taste of a sweet pea, blackcaps, summer corn, apples from the tree – I hold these memories very dearly." Erik strives to bring these  food experiences into his cooking classes, private parties and into the kitchen of the Iron Forge Inn. In the restaurant kitchen training new chef’s to be calm and confident in an intense environment comes as second nature. Erik has extended this love of teaching to his "Cooking with the Seasons" classes. Whether it’s seeing one of his students revel in making a simple soup recipe with ease or taste  fresh picked produce for the first time, this is what the Cooking with the Season’s class emphasizes.

Erik Johansen began working at the Iron Forge Inn at the age of fourteen. He worked his way up from dishwasher to basic vegetable preparation to working on the “hot line”. The previous owners, the Malocsay's, gave Erik enough creative control and guidance to influence his next move into the Culinary Institute of America. “I learned not just a love for cooking, I learned work ethics and how to treat those that I work with and cook for – everyone gets respect.”

Erik went on from his schooling to work around the country at numerous four-star rated restaurants as well as for James Beard Award winning chefs from
Aspen, CO to New York City.

Erik has since returned to the kitchen of the Iron Forge Inn, leading the kitchen as Chef/Owner. In addition he performs farm market demonstrations, teaches adult education courses near and far, hosts private party catering and provides consulting for new and existing businesses.
Erik Johansen
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